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I believe in approaching art and illustration problems by exploring whatever contradicts our expectations. When we see things in our environment, our brains create standards for whatever we encounter: if we see a rose, we expect it to be colorful, to smell sweet, and for its stems to have prickly thorns. My goal as an artist is to upset the rosebush: to turn the rose gray, to make it smell like onions, to smooth its branches. I want to inject humor into a world that too often seems sodden with mundane, workaday earnestness. I want to make people think beyond their assumptions. 


I primarily draw with graphite, colored pencil, and ink, although sometimes I'll paint, work with printmaking, use mixed media, or add a digital touch. I also make sculptures/assemblages with found items, junk, the detritus of everyday life.


Please feel free to explore my web site, and get in touch if you want to hire me to create art work. I can make illustrations for any sort of publication—books, magazines, digital/web-based uses; I'll make sculptures and other fine art for collections, gallery shows, private, public, and corporate needs.



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